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Use your cell phone or tablet

Schedule an Open House

1-Click provides a calendar app to schedule an open house.

Promote the Time and Day

1-Click generates a registration form for the user to fill out and automatically sends a text and email with the meeting list.

Invite Home Shoppers to Register

Promote your virtual open house through email, social posts, print ads, or a sign rider.  1-Click also offers social advertising that will include social community ads directed to buyers.

Do a Walk-through of the Listing

Do the walk-through as you would normally; describe the facts and benefits of the listing.

When your virtual walk-through has ended, 1-Click will forward a list of attendees.

See how easy! 1 Click Open House users guide

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1-Click Marketing – Promote your open house and listing!

Facebook Promotion & Lead Gen/2-week campaign

  1. Promotional Ad for your virtual open house listings
  2. Targeted Ad around your listing to get 5-10+ warm leads

Invite Home Shoppers to your next open house – Online!

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